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    Our goal is to make your dumpster rental in Saint Augustine as simple as possible. We realize you may have a few questions and we believe the easiest way for you to get them answered is to speak with us directly. If you agree, give us a call and we’ll provide you with some friendly straight forward answers.
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    If your looking to rent a dumpster in Saint Augustine, don’t accept slow responding companies or late deliveries. Time and again we deliver our roll off containers on-time, when and where you need them. Our commitment is to deliver the highest level of customer service in the industry.
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    Dumpster rental pricing is often not as clear as it should be. Some dumpster companies will charge add on fees that you’re not made aware of until it’s to late. We believe dumpster rental pricing should be clear and easy to understand. Our competitive pricing always includes delivery, pick up, landfill charges, and a specific weight limit. Clear and competitive pricing with no surprises.
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    saint augustine dumpster rental


    If you need to rent a dumpster in Saint Augustine, follow these simple tips:

    This simple guide was created for those that live in the Saint Augustine area and need dumpster rental services for any reason, including renovation and remodeling projects. Renting a dumpster is not rocket science, but the right information at your fingertips can increase the efficiency of renting and decrease the costs associated with renting.

    Follow these three steps when looking for dumpster rentals in Saint Augustine, FL to reduce costs and increase efficiency. First, gather all necessary information needed by dumpster rental companies. The rental companies need this information to provide an accurate price quote.

    Second, asking the companies renting dumpsters specific questions helps ensure that no additional costs or fees are added to the bill on top of the quoted price.

    Third, selecting and preparing the location where the dumpster will be placed helps increase project efficiency and helps avoid damage to property and neighboring properties.

    What Our Customers Have To Say

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    Get Organized Before Inquiring About Price Quotes

    In order to receive the most accurate price quote, potential renters should prepare by gathering all necessary information that dumpster rental companies need to give an accurate price quote. Generally, a dumpster rental company will require three simple items of information in order to provide accurate price quotes.

    Best Dumpster Rental in Saint Augustine FLThe first item of information that dumpster rental companies need is what type of materials the dumpster will be holding, and how much of said material will be placed in the dumpster. This information helps the sales associate decide what size dumpster to recommend for the job that needs to be done. Rented dumpsters generally come in four different sizes, including 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards and 40 yards.

    In order to save money in the long run, any uncertainty regarding the size of dumpster needed should result in selecting the larger size. If one dumpster is too small, another dumpster will have to be rented. Save money by selecting the larger size, when in doubt.

    The type of material that is going to be placed in the dumpster is also very important. Certain types of materials are not allowed to be disposed of in dumpsters.

    After making a decision on the size of dumpster needed, the sales associate will need to know when you expect delivery of the canister, and how long you will need use of the canister. This is necessary because the company will need to ensure they have the correct size dumpster in stock for the specific days it is needed, and they will need to reserve it for this time.

    These companies usually only have a certain amount of dumpsters. Due to a limited amount of inventory, it is wise to begin making rental inquiries at least one week before the canister will be needed.

    Contact Dumpster Rental Companies For Price Quotation

    Best Dumpster Rental in Saint Augustine FLAfter the necessary information has been gathered for accurate price quotations from rental companies the best practice is to begin with a list of highly regarded companies to call regarding rental. Generally, word of mouth is the best way to select reputable companies, as neighbors, friends or contractors that have used these companies before will know the best companies to contact.

    Another great way to select reputable companies is to use the internet. Certain websites review goods and services. Reading these reviews is a good way to gather information on the reputation of companies. The Better Business Bureau is also a good place to check on the reputation of a company.

    After a list of reputable companies has been generated it is time to make calls. Each company should be contacted to receive the best value. In addition to the information already gathered to provide the rental companies, there are questions to pose to the companies while making these calls.

    Different companies often use different procedures when quoting prices. Because of this, it is necessary to ensure that a firm price is quoted and any additional costs, fees, and penalties have been discussed. Some companies give price quotes based solely on the size of the unit, while other companies base their quote on the size of the unit and the amount of weight to be placed in the dumpster. Therefore, it is imperative to inquire about a potential weight limit on the quoted price and if there is, what additional costs, fees and penalties are associated with going over the stated weight limit.

    Disposal of the material placed in the dumpster will also likely pose additional costs, due to charges that landfill owners require when the dumpster is emptied. Renters should inquire if the quoted price includes costs associated with landfill usage, and if so, how much.

    There are more costs to be concerned with as well, generally in the form of penalties. Usually, penalties are generated when prohibited materials are placed in the dumpster. Therefore, the renter should obtain a complete list of all prohibited materials to ensure that no additional costs are incurred.

    Other penalties involve keeping the dumpster for longer than expected. A renter should inquire about penalties associated with keeping the unit for longer than expected.

    After gathering the list of reputable companies, receiving accurate price quotes, and learning about additional fees, costs, and penalties associated with each rental company, a renter is in a great position to make informed decisions regarding renting a dumpster.

    In certain circumstances, an informed renter may decide that it is cheaper, easier, or worth a little extra cost to simply hire a junk removal company instead of renting a dumpster. This decision revolves around the specific project contemplated.

    Delivery Day-Steps to Take Upon Dumpster Arrival

    saint augustine-dumpster-deliveryAfter the dumpster rental company has been selected the site where the unit will be placed needs to be prepared. It is vital that the area where the dumpster is to be placed can be easily accessed by the rental company.

    If the unit is going to be placed in the street, local ordinance might require the renter to secure a permit.

    If the unit is going to be placed on unpaved area it is good practice to avoid areas where soft ground is located or grassy areas. These units weight significant amounts and can do damage to property if the area selected cannot support the weight.

    Even if the area where the dumpster is going to be placed is paved, it is good practice to secure plywood to pace under the unit’s wheels to help avoid damage to the property.

    While placing materials into the dumpster, it is recommended that the renter not fill the unit more than 75% full. It is also imperative that the unit not be overfilled, as the rental company will need to place a cover over the unit during transport.

    This guide has provided a simple step by step process for selecting a company to rent a dumpster from. The process first involves gathering information to give to rental companies. Second, the process involves finding reputable companies to call, using available resources, including family, friends, contractors, and the internet. Third, the process involves asking rental companies specific questions regarding additional costs, fees and penalties associated with renting dumpsters, including what type of materials can be placed in the dumpster and any weight limit on the dumpster rental. Finally, this guide provides recommendations for securing a permit, if the unit is going to be placed in the street, and recommendations to ensure that the unit will not cause unnecessary damage to property whether or not the unit will be placed on paved or unpaved areas.

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